7 Tips to Make Your Bingo Games More Fun

Below you will be able to find seven great ideas for your bingo activities. Bingo is a very fun and exciting game, but over time it might become monotonous and even stale, even for the callers. So we thought that you might want to add additional enjoinment to your next bingo game with several new twists. If you do decide to give them a try please, do not hesitate to share your feedback with us.

  1. Try playing different styles of games. Instead of playing a traditional bingo game in which you much be the first to fill 5 squares in a row, try making up different board-dabbing rules. For example, you can try awarding prizes to the first one who covers a post stamp on the board. These are the top-right four squares. Alternatively, the winner might be the first one who covers the entire board. This is called the black-out game. Finally, you can award the person who covers the four corners of the bingo card.
  2. Something that we particularly enjoy is using food for the games. For example, if you are hosting Halloween-themed bingo, use Sweet-Tarts or candy corn as the bingo markers. You might want to use candy for the prizes too.
  3. Change the bingo cards. It is very easy to alter the style or mood of a bingo game by replacing the five letters located on the top of the bingo ticket. If you like playing in the autumn, you can play ACORN instead of BINGO. You can make this simple adjustment by taping construction paper squares that feature the new letters at the top of the cards. Just do not forget to tell the bingo caller about this alteration. Otherwise, you will play ACORN. You can also take into consideration the usage of acorn caps as bingo markers. Another bingo idea that is suitable for autumn includes hosting an apple cider game with the letters CIDER at the top of the boards. However, it is important not to forget to serve apple cider!
  4. You can organise a themed party around the game. For instance, if you are at a nursing home, you can get the residents out of their rooms by having a fun Strawberry Daiquiri Bingo, which will be completed with delicious daiquiris. However, if you are hosting the game for children, you can plan a Kool-Aid Bingo that features Kool-Aid with Kool-Aid cupcakes and Kool-Aid cookies.
  5. How to make bingo more fun?You can easily shake things up by using pictures. You can also try out an exciting new game of Picture Bingo, in which the participants have to find the pictures on the cards that match the descriptions that the caller reads aloud. It is also colourful and can improve the cognitive skills of the players as they are having fun. If you do not think that you will enjoy these, you can read more tips at thesportsbank.net about games such as bingo.
  6. Try doubling the prizes! Make your bingo game even more competitive for the players by increasing the usual prizes for one game. So, if you are giving up candy bars as a reward, add another. Alternatively, if you are giving out Frank Sinatra CD’s as prizes, add another one.
  7. Human bingo is a fun game, which is a great icebreaker for both children and adults. If you want to try it out, you will have to create your own bingo cards by filling the squares with various characteristics. For example, one of the boxes might say “Owns a friendly cat” or “Favourite colour: green”. The object of this game is for every player to mingle with the rest and find the person who has the specified characteristic and write their name in the square. The person who completes five squares in row first, wins.